At home: Florian Duijsens

My dear friend Florian owns the prettiest bookshelf I’ve ever seen. This is not only because of the design, done by Toon Welling, but also because of the color coordination and the small objects placed in-between the books. That said, Florian himself is an ambitious freelancing author, managing editor for Asymptote, a journal for literature in translation, and the guest prose editor for Sand Journal, but also one of the greatest mixtape editors of all time – you might remember the terrific tape he did for our 5th birthday last year. And above all, after we finished the portrait he prepared an excellent omelette with cilantro for me.


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    great pics, as usual!love your portraits!G

  2. Marie on


    yeah, i’m not the only one who loves arraning books by colour. :) makes me feel much more normal, thanks a lot!

    1. Jola on

      My books are arranged by colours as well. :o) The every shelf is a little rainbow.

  3. blogmoodeuse on


    Yummyy omelettes with cilantro … that sounds delicious sooooo I’m gonna try it for dinner !! xoxo

  4. M on


    Ah, these delightful bookshelves with neatly picked up books, how much we love them! I do enjoy the colour coding on them. Such idea not only makes bookshelves nicer to look at but also you don’t get a headache when you stare at them in a desperate need to find a book. The photo reminds me of The Selby or Backyardbill which are two of my very fav blogs. Omelette sounds like heaven if only I could eat eggs.I am waiting for more photos.Lots of love,M

  5. Im Mary on


    thats amazing. I love bookshelfs and beautiful books! I’d be totally shinning If I was there :-)

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