At home: Kirsten Hermann

I’ve known Kirsten for quite some time (and have also already taken her portrait, although I like this new one a lot more), but it took some effort to find a time to meet her for this photo. She’s living in one of the most beautiful streets in Mitte, just above her gallery, in one of those apartments many imagine to be the prototypical Berlin apartment: wooden floors, high ceilings with stucco, gull-wing doors and a Berliner Zimmer. What caught my eye the most were the many small book piles that decorate her rooms like sculptures or serve as tables, and of course the bright yellow carpet in her living room. [And her Margiela boots.]

Kirsten’s Galerie für Moderne Fotografie focuses, as the name says, on contemporary photography with a special attention on photographers who also work in fashion, like Frederike HelwigorAmira Fritz. Currently on display is the work of Karolin Klueppel, who just graduated with Bernhard Prinz.


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  1. ink.or.milk on


    It’s a good idea for the books, because just putting them in shelves can be so boring.. although if you need a book that is supporting your table, could be difficult ;) x

  2. Natasha Fatah on


    Her home looks so bright, spacious and full of interesting pieces. Love that pop of yellow!

  3. Im Mary on


    amazing. arent u looking for a roomate?

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