At the studio: Stine Goya

When I was in Copenhagen for Fashion Week I was so lucky to be invited to the studio of Stine Goya in Nørrebro. It’s located in a beautiful backyard, that she shares with the hatter, who manufactures her and Vibskov’s hats as well as Rud. Rasmussen, a traditional carpenter who designs beautiful danish furniture. She awaited my visit with her partner and her baby, who was bubbling with joy (which is no wonder with parents, that are so full of charm).
The studios, where the team works on the next winter collection with summer 2013 already finished (imagine that!), is a sequence of light filled rooms with wooden panelling in light grey. It was indeed not hard to imagine how Stine Goya’s light and gentle colors, patterns and delicate and joyful designs come to life in this surrounding.

By the way, Stine wears a light peach colored jacket from her current summer collection.


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  1. lis on


    well, that´s what people call “girl crush”, right?! love the picture, love her style. best, lis

  2. Lara on


    I LOVE her style and her collections!! She’s just fabulous!!!XXXLara

  3. StreetLounge on


    Wow, I like the lamp, just bought something similar for home, lol :)

  4. dede on


    i like post :)

  5. twisted sisters on


    I wish i can visit the studio too…looks lovely

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