Food in Berlin: Erich Hamann Schokoladen

Erich Hamann Bittere Schokoladen Berlin was founded in 1912 by, you guessed it, Erich Hamann, a confectioner who came from the Memel Territory in East Prussia. The first retail store and production facility was located in Kurfürstenstraße, just next to several girl’s boarding schools, whose residents expressed their need for dark (bitter) chocolates with less sugar; Erich Hamann happily complied, making this the main focus of his young company. The business went well and 1928 the architect Johannes Itten was commissioned to build the new factory, store and residential house for the company, resulting in a Bauhaus building in Brandenburgische Straße, Wilmersdorf, which is still the headquarter, production and distribution premises. It also houses the store and the apartments for Erich’s son, Gerhard, and his wife Ingrid, as well as Erich’s grandson Andreas, who runs the company today.

Although everything — the production, packaging and distribution — is still done in this one building (and mostly by hand), only 12 employees work here, including Gerhard Hamann, who is still responsible for the company’s most known product, the chocolate bark, which is still produced on the machine Erich Hamann developed. Also located in this building is the store, still in its original Bauhaus Design, where you can buy all the chocolate variations Hamann has to offer. You will also get Hamann chocolates at KaDeWe and Murkudis, and they also ship their products to German customers directly from the manufactory.I was invited on a tour through the production facilities (and was allowed to eat as much chocolate as I could — a child’s dream come true).

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Gerhard Hamann producing the chocolate bark on the machine his father developed. Although 77 years old, he’s the one doing the better part of the bark production, entrusting only his son to fill in for him.
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Finished and lined up whole milk bark.
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The machine producing the bark is working completely mechanically
since the 1920s; the only piece that has to be replaced from time to time is the belt.
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Production and packaging on the first floor.
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These thin chocolate plates are another speciality of Hamann Schokoladen.
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The packaging hasn’t been changed since the 1920s.
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So called “Knackeier” (cracking eggs) — marzipan filled chocolate
eggs whose crust is so thin, they crack when you bite in them.
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Meet Erich Hamann.

It was a beautiful day.

Erich Hamann Schokoladen

Erich Hamann Schokoladen

Brandenburgische Straße 17

10707 Berlin

Konstanzer Straße

Opening Hours:

Mon–Fri 09:00–18:00
Sat 09:00–13:00


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  1. Karen on


    Oh klasse, die Bildstrecke hat auch mir den Tag versüßt!

  2. Aline on


    leckeeer und tolle aufnahme ;)

  3. Konsumkeks on


    Und es gibt doch noch den ein oder anderen Betrieb, wo die Uhren noch anders ticken! Toller Post!

  4. lis on


    parfait! kannte ich noch gar nicht, danke also für den tip. nichts wie hin würde ich mal sagen …

  5. Anonymous on


    Wunderbar! Ich liebe diese Schokolade!Und allein wegen der Verpackung kann man die immer wieder kaufen!Gibts übrigens auch in diversen anderen Süßwarenläden in Berlin, auf jeden Fall in dem in der Zossener Straße und auch in der Kaffeerösterei in der Uhlandstraße!

  6. A x on


    This is making my mouth water! A x

  7. Nansosi on


    Can we buy them in New York? Where?!!

    1. Mary on

      I am afraid not, but just add to your to-do list for your next trip to berlin!

  8. Max on


    Es sieht so verdammt lecker aus!

  9. Vic1973 on


    Ich werd morgen gleich mal hingehen. Sehr cool, dass da alles noch per Hand hergestellt wird.

  10. Anonymous on


    Ach, ganz wunderbar. In Hamburg gibt es auch einen sehr alten Laden, in denen sehr alte Damen Hamann-Schokoladen verkaufen. Diese ziehe ich natürlich seit jeher dem ganzen neumodischen Zotter-Krams vor. Danke für diesen schönen Beitrag.

  11. Xavia3X on


    Ja, da weiß man wenigstens noch Qualität zu schätzen! Und man selbst als Kunde weiß man für sein Geld kriegt :)

  12. Kate Flâneur on


    Noch ein Grund,um noch einmal nach Berlin zu fahren!!Aber für Berlin gibt es immer Gründe, oder? :D :D

  13. Lamb411 on


    What a terrific look into the brand. Beautiful photography. I love that the father is still involved in the business at his age! Thanks for sharing. I just wrote about all the chocolate brands I discovered on a recent trip to Munich. I will certainly check them out on my next trip to Berlin.

  14. Lisa on


    I want bitter chocolate now!!! :)

  15. Julian Rennie on


    Guten Morgen,

    I still have fond memories of my visit to your BEAUTIFUL shop in November 2014….I was rather nervous upon entering the Berlin shop (me with just my school boy knowledge of German)….but having travelled all the way from New Zealand was determined not to be put off by my lack of local language skills…and buy some of your famous chocolates…!

    What a lovely short while was had with the kind and patient German lady serving, (forgive me but I did not get her name…she knows who she is…:))… ) me with my very basic German, and she practising her English on me….LOL….(a few shared sweet moments shared I think?…..)

    I felt a little more relaxed when she agreed that my choice of ONLY wanting dark bitter chocolate was very appropriate…..and so selected as much as I could, (as NZ is a long long way away from Berlin)….and have to say all the chocolates were delightfully received by ourselves and friends both in London and back home in New Zealand….

    Thank you for your elegant shop and the WONDERFULLY delicious chocolates…..I do hope I get a chance to visit again….


  16. Sedcard on


    Mhhhm … das sieht so lecker aus :D

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