Archive: February 2012

At home: Florian Duijsens

My dear friend Florian owns the prettiest bookshelf I’ve ever seen. This is not only because of the design, done by Toon Welling, but also because of the color coordination and the small objects placed in-between the books. That said, Florian himself is an ambitious freelancing author, managing editor for Asymptote, a journal for literature in translation, and the guest prose editor for Sand Journal, but also one of the greatest mixtape editors of all time – you might remember the terrific tape he did for our 5th birthday last year. And above all, after we finished the portrait he prepared an excellent omelette with cilantro for me.

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Interview: John Greyson

John Greyson is a Canadian filmmaker, activist, writer, and professor at York University. Since 1988, he has won three Teddy Awards at the Berlinale, as well as numerous other accolades at film festivals around the world. His latest short, Green Laser, documents his participation in the July 2011 Gaza flotilla on the Canadian ship Tahrir. The film makes use of re-appropriated footage from the 1960 Zionist epic Exodus, rewriting a shirtless Paul Newman’s dialogue in support of the flotilla. The clips are spliced together with interviews with other flotilla participants, as well as images from Athens’ Syntagma Square and Riverdance performances. Below an interview with John, where we speak about his infamous 2009 confrontation with the Toronto International Film Festival, queer solidarity, and activism.

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