Archive: March 2012

Shop in Berlin: Sofortbild Shop

Though various apps have been developed to be a consolation for the loss of Polaroid in 2008, a lot of us still miss the real feeling of instantly taking and processing a picture. And there is help: The Sofortbild (instant picture) shop offers a selection of vintage Polaroid cameras, the instant photography devices by Fuji and the complete range of analogue films by The Impossible Project.

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Shop in Berlin: Garments

After having to search for their first space in Prenzlauer Berg for two years before finally opening it in 2009, the Mitte store of Garments was found in a mere week after the decision was made to open a second branch.

Shop in Berlin: Andreas Murkudis

Andreas Murkudis’ concept store, that was founded in 2003, might just be the most well known Berlin store world-wide and has helped establish the city’s international importance and appeal. After the building of Murkudis’ former location in Mitte’s Münzstraße was sold, the team was lucky to find an enormous and bright space in the former Tagesspiegel newspaper building.

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