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Soto is the store for the contemporary Berlin Mitte man, opened in April 2010 by three very contemporary Berlin Mitte men: David Fischer (above in the picture with his colleague Lia), Philip Gaedicke and Omer Ben-Michael, all with a background in fashion and sensing a certain gap in the selection of local menswear stores. They were longing for a store where they could assemble everything they personally liked and thus Soto caters to a volatile shopper, who wears a Thom Browne Oxford shirt one day and a Norse Projects 5 Panel Cap the next. In an interior self designed with many objects collected from furniture halls near Amsterdam, Soto is presenting brands from Adam Kimmel to Velour, from low-priced simple shirts (said to be the best) by A.O.CMS to luxurious Patrick Ervell jackets.

The decision to be located at Torstraße was quickly made, back then no one (except Rafael Horzon) was interested in this part of Mitte, today it’s the one with the most promising development (see our entries on A.D.Deertz and Sabrina Dehoff). Soto is going so well, they are currently looking for a second location, since the rather small store is already filled up with the many products Fischer, Gaedicke and Ben-Michael want to offer the Berlin shoppers, adding brands like Dries van Noten and Aspesi in coming fall. By the way, Soto just means “South of Torstraße”.



Torstraße 72

10119 Berlin Mitte


Opening Hours:

Mon–Sat: 11:00–19:00


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    great great great! love it!G

  2. J▲SON.FI on


    SOTO = 100% LEGIT!

    1. Anonymous on

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  3. StreetLounge on


    Looks like my heaven is there :)

  4. The Slow Pace on


    It’s great! A shame that it’s only for men, i’m sure they could have amazing things for women too.

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