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Voo love is true love – that’s what their totes say, and you will know this is not exaggerated after spending a visit to this lovely concept store in Kreuzberg. Voo was voted “Superstore”, the world’s best new boutique, by and this title is rightly earned. Owned by the Müjdecis and curated by Herbert Hofmann, the November 2010 founded concept store quickly made its way to the lists of diligent shoppers worldwide. Their concept is to offer sustainable, valuable items from small manufacturers – like those handmade Stutterheim raincoats with the name of the maker inscribed in the label (see photo below) or the lip balm of the Swedish military, Hudsalva. Voo is also home to Companion Café and was furnished by Sigurd Larsen.

Voo Store

Voo Store

Oranienstraße 24

10999 Berlin Kreuzberg

Kottbusser Tor

Opening Hours:

Mon–Sat 10:00–20:00


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  1. StreetLounge on


    Cool place! Love Berlin for these things :)

  2. lis on


    not to forget the small, yet loveliest café within the store which serves my all-time-favorite tea. the one with the bird: lov.

  3. Lara Berlin on


    Not new to me, but I love the Voo-Store! Not only the Store-Design, the Clothes are amazing!!!

  4. Annemarie on


    great tip! thank you

  5. Grande on


    Saw those raincoats in Stockholm, great bad weather attire.

  6. Weserkrabbe on


    Hi, I like to read your blog, but it would make it much easier for me, if you install a Translator on your sidebar. I think a lot of people would appreciate this. Greetings Wesekrabbe

    1. Mary on

      For articles in German? Sadly we do not have the capacity to offer bilingual postings and we just don’t trust Google Translate.. Sorry for any inconveniences.

  7. Im Mary on


    amazing! it could be joined to a little cafe and then it’d be perfect ^^

  8. Im Mary on


    I guess Im blind. It IS connected to a little cafe. then its perfect…



    great shop, i love it!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  10. DelaProvincia on


    WoW The shop is amazing! We love the glasses! ;)

  11. brigade glücklich on


    It’s a great place! I love the things you can get there. And the store itself looks… amazing!

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