Guide: Niche Berlin’s tips for Gallery Weekend

People looking at art in 2009.

Niche Berlin organizes tailor-made private art and architecture tours, bringing you to the most inspiring project spaces, galleries and museums in town. And not only are they in the know on the up-and-coming scene, but would never miss the 8th edition of Gallery Weekend hosted by the most notorious or notable galleries in the city and considered one of the hottest art events in Germany – or at least in Berlin. Of course you can spend your weekend squeezing in with hordes of people at the major galleries – we’ll be there, too. But there are many other fun things happening this week that ought not to be missed – take a look which exhibitions we’re most curious about…

For the playful:

Hunting down art: Berlin-based artist Renata Kaminska hosts the annual Bel Etage-project, which takes place around Rosa-Luxemburg Platz. This year’s group intervention with artists such as Kinga Kielzynska, Martin Kohout, Antje Majewski and Ignacio Uriarte is titled In The Shadow Of The Sun and will be on display at Babylon cinema and Kunstverein at L40. (The Ordnungsamt didn’t quite appreciate last year’s site-specific installations and had them “dismantled” quite quickly – we loved them though. And we’re curious to see what happens this year.)
Kunstverein at L-40 & Babylon, Linienstraße 40 & Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz, 10178 Berlin, Opening: 26.4., 6 pm

Artists exhibiting their students’ results: For the project Neue Klasse artists Christian Jankowski and Gregor Schneider curate the works of their mutual students. The selected installation works, videos, sculptures and performances will be on display at Wiensowski & Harbord this weekend. We like the idea, let’s see about the art.
Wiensowski & Harbord, Lützowstrasse 32, 10785 Berlin, Opening: 25.4., 7 pm

For the nerds:

Machine aesthetics and industrial sound: Tokyo-based artist and muscian Ujino Muneteru gives new life to discarded technology by constructing odd apparatuses and sound landscapes. For his exhibition duet at PSM he samples his robot spirits with traditional elements of Noh theatre. Sounds weirdly intriguing to us.
PSM, Strassburger Straße 6-8, 10405 Berlin, Opening: 27.4.2012, 6 pm

Exploring the unchallenged possibilities of e-waste: The project ReFunct Media #4 by Benjamin Gaulon, Niklas Roy, Karl Klomp, Tom Verbruggen and Gijs Gieskes hosted by LEAP consists of multi-media installations with various digital and analogue media players and receivers, which are misused and re-contextualized in order to provoke thoughts about planned obsolescence and sustainable design strategies. However, there are plenty of gadgets to play around with!
LEAP – Lab for Electronic Arts and Performance, (Berlin Carré, first floor), Karl-Liebknecht-Straße 13, 10178 Berlin

For the socialites:

Two (more or less) must-see openings next week: Michael Sailstorfer at Berlinische Galerie and Roman Ondák at Deutsche Guggenheim, both prize-winning artists, open their respective shows: Local hero Sailstorfer presents Forst, which includes a tree installation in BG as well as his work Black Forest consisting in the life-stream of a blackened square of forest as it slowly regresses to its natural state. Roman Ondák’s project do not walk outside this area promises to draw the spectator into an imaginary journey questioning the arbitrary conventions of the art industry that – for instance – often draw a fine line between object and fetish.
Berlinische Galerie, Alte Jakobstraße 124-128, 10969 Berlin, Opening: 25.4., 6 pm
Deutsche Guggenheim, Unter den Linden 13-15, 10119 Opening: 25.4., 6 pm

For the thinkers:

Articulated: CHERT presents London based artist Lucy Coggle (1981) with her show A.A.A.A, including drawings, a video and the book An Argument Against A/R/T/I/C/U/L/A/T/I/O/N – together forming a monologue about language, its delimitations, and its possibilities for manipulation or divulgence. We’re curious, as the artists of Chert usually have quite some humour.
Chert, Skalitzerstr. 68 10997 Berlin, Opening: 27.4., 6 pm

Art of story-telling: Tanya Leighton shows New York-based artist Alejandro Cesarco (1975) with The Early Years an investigation of the ways we deal with our own story, where the pieces – ranging from unwritten books to textual communication – explore various manifestations of personal narratives. And yes, we admittedly like that conceptual touch…
Tanya Leighton, Kurfürstenstraße 156, 10785 Berlin, Opening: 27.4., 6 pm

For those who like it detailed:

Taking a breath: Johnen Galerie presents Glasgow-based artist Martin Boye (*1967). In Praise of Shadows features new works of 2011’s Turner-prize winner that refer once again to architecture and modern design, questioning the respective utopian potential. His objects and installations fuse architecture and nature into melancholic pairs. Clear, beautiful and smart: relaxing, we say!
Johnen Galerie, Marienstraße 10, 10117 Berlin, Opening: 27.4., 6 pm

Some like it weird – just like us: At KOW Berlin-based artist, writer, and curator Alice Creischer (1960) presents the multipart installation The Establishment of Matters of Fact on the regime of the factual, examining the conditions of knowledge-production and dissemination: Family trees, scientific classifications, and genetic codes of lab mice serve as subjects for Creischer’s various images, collages, objects and encoded poems, while the central piece refers to a vacuum pump, which scientist Robert Boyle used in the 1660’s to prove the existence of a vacuum – by suffocating lab mice.
KOW, Brunnenstraße 9, 10119 Berlin, Opening: 27.4., 6 pm

Go have fun!


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  1. StreetLounge on


    When exactly is this Gallery-Weekend? Don’t tell me it’s this one, cause I have to travel until next Wednesday and DON’T WANNA MISS IT! :/

    1. Mary on

      yes, it’s exactly this weekend… but there will be another one next year! …

    2. StreetLounge on

      S****ße! This is what I call bad luck :(

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    Wundervoller Blog! ^^Gefällt mir sehr :)

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    great. pity Im not in Berlin right now. But Im about to visit Prague’s Leica Gallery today. There is an exhibition called deeper shades new york-Im excited!

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