Shop in Berlin: Konk

It’s not as easy as you’d think to shop Berlin based designers in Berlin, but Konk is a safe bet for exactly this. Founded by Ettina Berrios-Negrón, the store is now run by Edda Mann. Stocking the biggest selection of Anntian, Tiedeken, Boessert/Schorn, Reality Studio and many more, Edda is also on the look-out for young talents like carocoraor Karlotta Wilde and offers a range of jewelry from David Aubrey, Alex Monroe, Catherine Weitzman and Naoko Ogawa.
The beautiful interior was done by Ettina and her husband, Luis Berrios-Negrón, with furniture designed by Rainer Spehl and a lovely dressing room.



Kleine Hamburger Straße 15

10117 Berlin Mitte

Oranienburger Straße

Opening Hours:

Mon–Fri, 12:00–20:00;
Sat 12:00–19:00


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  1. Sasha on


    Stunning patterns! It is nice to know that Berlin shops are supporting the local designers.

  2. Siska on


    oh das sieht ja großartig aus!

  3. Karolina on


    Wow a really nice shop, next week I’m in Berlin so I add it to my shopping list, I hope I find time to visit it!

  4. Emma on


    Really chic and nice shop! I like your posts! <3

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