At Home: Lisa van Houtem and Pelle Buys

The first person I visited during my short trip to Hamburg was Lisa, whom I already photographed in her apartment two years ago (with the same stool!). She left Berlin very soon after that and went back to the city where her home and heart is to live with her partner, Pelle Buys.
They moved into an apartment at Münzburg, that was built at the end of the 19th century and is the former home of Hamburg’s mayor. Located in a small neighborhood just next to the main station, the huge, brick-stone building is the center of the small neighborhood and its activities. Lisa and Pelle live under the roof on two floors, with a spacious and open room on the lower floor, where the above picture was taken.


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  1. The Slow Pace on


    I was never in that neighborhood of Hamburg, but it looks good. I love all the furniture that it’s on the photo. We are trying to make our place nice like that, but it’s difficult to find anything in Bremen.

  2. Im Mary on


    wow this apartment seems nice:-)

  3. Roisin on


    J’adore all the shiny leather….are they Il Bisonte fans?! I love the victorian lampshade…and I can see guitars in the distance….beautiful couple :)

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