At Home: Elisabeth Mladenov

I met Elisabeth several years ago through a friend, when she had just decided to be a full-time artist and painter. When I met her again just some weeks ago I was more than happy to hear her decision turned out to be the right one and she’s having some major projects to come. Together with curator and art-critic Nicole Rodríguez, she’ll soon host DRAW, a drawing workshop at Made My Day, which will be inaugurated with her exhibition In Bed. And in summer she’ll arrange an art course in the Abruzzo, Italy, where painting and drawing will join with eating and relaxing in probably the best way possible.

Elisabeth lives in Kreuzberg, right at the hub of what is supposedly the most trendy (I said it) and coveted place there right now, just around the corner from Voo store, Hasir and Luzia. Still, she is longing for a quieter place. She found this nice apartment three years ago, back when it was already difficult to find and then finally get a decent place, so when she brought herself into the attention of the landlords, she was just happy that the house-hunting was over. Elisabeth works in her living room, turning it into an atelier by simply closing the doors to the rest of the apartment.