At Home: Nicole Hogerzeil

On the day I came to visit Nicole at her home, she decided to buy a house in Brandenburg together with her partner and close friends. We spent a long time in her kitchen, where she told me of this new acquisition that will mark a serious change of lifestyle, spending the weekends in an area without Spätkaufs or fancy restaurants, but a huge garden and horses. Change is something she chose to go for several times throughout her life, like when she decided to switch jobs from producer to casting agent to shop owner and opened Schwarzhogerzeil, a lovely boutique in Mitte we will introduce tomorrow.

Some years ago, Nicole left Mitte for her new home in Moabit, a spacy and bright Altbau-apartment just off the river Spree, which basically looks like what everyone thinks all our Berlin apartments look like: high ceilings, stucco, the kitchen located in the Berliner Zimmer with a beautiful wooden floor, antique door handles on double wing doors. (That this is far from reality, you’ll realize quickly after starting to look for affordable space). Anyways, Nicole was lucky after a very long search and furnished her new accommodation deliberately with design classics such as this desk by Franco Albini, and huge oil paintings like the one behind her by Ulrich Lamsfuß.
Furthermore, she’s wearing a blouse and shorts by Golden Goose and sandals by Isabel Marant.


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  1. StreetLounge on


    That picture on the wall – the retro tape – is just gorgeous! :)

  2. m on


    I cannot see the picture… (IE 9)

    1. Mary on

      thanks for letting us know, you’re not the only one – we dunno why that is currently or how we can solve it, though…

  3. nileta on


    i simply love the painting on the wall!

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