Food in Berlin: Mo’s Imbiss

You get a falafel at literally every corner of Berlin these days, still, a vendor doing it the delicate and fresh way is rather hard to find and I want to share one of my favorites: Mo’s Imbiss in Kreuzberg. The shop is super-small, orders are taken slowly and the menu is short offering various falafel, halloumi (even a vegan version!) and makali. But they’ve got all you need: fluffy falafel balls complemented with fresh salad and a paste made of various nuts as well as goat cheese.

By now located on inhospitable Urbanstraße, just across the street of an unremarkable 60s apartment building (but look at the roof terraces!), it’s really not more than a whole in the wall, but you’ll spot the charme when you got an eye for detail, like the meticulously hand-written menu or the slow assembling.

Mo’s kleiner Imbiss

Mo’s kleiner Imbiss

Urbanstraße 68

10967 Berlin Kreuzberg


Opening Hours:

daily 12:00–23:00


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  1. Ana on


    Mo’s Falafel is the best place to eat falafel in Berlin, and one of a kind, great quality imbiss overall. With the right advertising/ PR this place could run as a trendy vegan/ healthy food spot in Mitte as the owners take great pride in best ingredients and seasonally changing veggies & toppings, completely elevating Mo’s Falafel out of your regular falafel category!
    Also it helps that the fantastic Mo, Queen Of Falafel is so charismatic in her head scarf looking like she stepped out of a painting, i just love this place so much !!!

    The new spot is kind of going slow, there is no queues and I really would like them to do well so just writing this comment here to make sure you all check it out if you haven’t yet.

  2. Dylan Taylor on


    I’d like to give this place a 1up for a “still delicious” post, as I’ve been going here for years too, and it never disappoints! The “nuß-paste” is a must to have with your falafel & these wraps are so large enough to feed a small army, and the ingredients are so fresh & healthy. Bring some patience & order a sweet thyme tea to pass the time, as the cute elderly lady who runs the place, puts a lot of love and care into this food, but it’s well worth the wait!

  3. ism on


    Just checked out the not-so-new-anymore location – very charming, indeed. It seemed like they had taken an employee who did his job very well. Loved the falafel with halloumi – I can’t imagine it was any better when I first tasted it several years ago. Fantastic, fresh, healthy and tasty!

    This is a prime example of what makes Berlin’s food culture so special – small, inconspicuous, special, high quality, international, not expensive yet not cheap.

  4. Lily on


    Google is telling me this place is closed. Could it be?

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