Shop in Berlin: Flea Market at Rathaus Schöneberg

In terms of flea markets, Berlin proves to be a rather difficult city. Many of the most highly praised ones are either overcrowded and filled with handicraft nonsense like Mauerpark (although, the household clearance booth with its uncountable cardboard boxes full of stuff proves to be a source of joy if you arrive before it becomes broken and messy), or overpriced and overly posh like Unter den Linden. So finding gems is not an easy game in this city of so many flea markets. One option might be to go to Schöneberg, that historically rich place where Kennedy called himself a Berliner, and visit the flea market happening there every Saturday and Sunday.

However, tracking down a nice and well priced item here is also not easy, so you might skip this flea market if you’re short on time. But if you are a) into porcelain figures of dogs, cats and children; or b) into digging through piles of clothes and shoes this flea market is made for you. Schöneberg is an aesthetic district housing many academics, litterateurs and generally civilized people who own and sell loads of beautiful hardcovers, delicate porcelain and crystal wares and antique watches. A USP is the recently arrived Kilim dealer, offering second hand carpets at affordable prices, though going through his piles is quite a task.


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  1. CarlyCrosby on


    good to know where to go for flea market clothes when I get to berlin :)

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