Stil in Hamburg: Bent Angelo Jensen

There’s no way around Bent Angelo Jensen when it comes to Hamburg and style – his brand Herr von Eden is known for its exceedingly stylish and impeccably made suits, that are worn by confident men and women throughout Europe. In his Atelier at Großneumarkt, where the above picture was taken, he and his tailors work on made-to-measure suits and special jobs, handling classic cuts and unusual fabrics. Bent himself is his best model, appearing in his ad-motifs shot by Daniel Josefsohn numerous times and wearing his own designs in perfection.
By the way, there’s also a Herr von Eden store in Berlin, located at Alte Schönhauser Straße 14.


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  1. Mark on


    We need a Herr von Eden store in London, ASAP :)

  2. Anonymous on


    No man in the thirties would have looked anything like him.

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