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Guide: Delicious Ice Cream in Berlin

I would have loved to start this entry by praising the glorious Berlin summer, but this year, this would be a lie, as you all know. Still, ice cream and summer go together very well and why pass on luscious gelato, just because summer chose to be rainy and cold?
Ice cream underwent some serious revaluation in the past years in Berlin with small vendors offering crazy tastes and/or calling themselves ice cream patissiers popping up throughout the city. It is certainly not hard to find good quality ice cream in Berlin, still I was out to find the high quality glacé during the last weeks and assembled a fair number of those here.

dOCUMENTA(13): On seriality – or pausing with painting

Since we addressed the topic of resting already: The documenta-Halle is the perfect spot for a pause. It’s entirely dedicated to »artworks thinking through what painting is today«. Albeit their political, socio-critical contexts the exhibition is intensive and yet quite a lull in the documenta-overload, because the different artistic positions share the leitmotif of repetition and layering. The resulting contrast of serious issues and calming form is super interesting.

Stil in Berlin map banner