Food in Berlin: Intermarkt Stolitschniy

I’ve been telling you that what I like most about Berlin are its absurd things you find off the beaten tracks, like the Thai Market. What is equally interesting in terms of foreign food, is the Intermarket Stolitschniy in Lichtenberg. A whole supermarket devoted to Russian groceries – millions of super sweet caramel candies, a huge selection of Russian sour cream and sausages, several varieties of buckwheat porridge, the cheapest Kimchi one can find in Berlin and many many brands of sweetened condensed milk.
It’s definitely a great place to broaden your culinary knowledge and find dozens of new food options to try out at home.

Intermarkt Stolitschniy

Intermarkt Stolitschniy

Landsberger Allee 116

10369 Berlin Lichtenberg

Landsberger Allee

Opening Hours:

Mon–Sat 08:00–21:00


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  1. Matthias on


    Further in the East, in Marzahn, where I grew up, there is a similar market for Russian food. Comparable in size to Stolischniji, Mix-Markt serves as a center of Marzahn’s Russian culture which is the biggest in Berlin.Though not being of Russian descent I loved to be there as a boy since the colourful yet somewhat strangely designed groceries always awoke my enthusiasm. However, over the time I learned to tell what was hidden beneath the labels and – of course – quickly got to know all kinds of the sweets (you should try them, they’re somewhat strange, too).

    1. Mary on

      Oh, the sweets! We shared one of the cakes yesterday in the office – though they are in one way quite appalling (super sweet, super artificial, super weird to chew), no one could stop eating it until it was finished.

  2. Essie on


    Definitely going to have a look next time I’m in Berlin, thanks for the tip! – E

  3. eulen on


    cool, candy paradise!!!

  4. Duck on


    I didn’t realise the Russians were so into Korean food! I’d have assumed the best/cheapest kimchi would be found in an Asian food store…

    1. Mary on

      I was surprised as well, you even get several style of seaweed salads! still, north-corea does share a border with Russia far away in its north-east.

    2. Anonymous on

      I believe what you saw had nothing to do with kimchi (which is unknown in Russia really), but was a simple pickled cabbage. This one is actually a must in any Russian family…

    3. Mary Scherpe on

      At least they called it “kimchi” and it looked very much like the Korean type of pickled cabbage. But if it was “real real” kimchi…? who knows.

  5. Ira Kharchenko on


    Oh, I miss such a variety of groceries… Hopefully I’m going to Ukraine from Germany soon:)

  6. Fashion Industry on


    I really enjoy all of your posts. I hope things are well or mostly well :)

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