Korean in Berlin: Ixthys

First things first, this small deli is making no secret of its religious alignment. Some might be able to ignore this, but I found it rather weird eating my Korean Bibimbap in a room wallpapered with hand-written bible quotes from floor to ceiling. Or choosing my dish from a menu that is framed with incredibly long missionary essays telling you the best nurturing happens through the love of Jesus.

Nevertheless, Ixthys (which is actually the Greek word for fish, a Christian symbol) is almost always recommended when talking about Korean food in Berlin. The very small kitchen is run by two Korean women preparing traditional Korean dishes like Bibimbap and Bulgogi in home-made style. The food is good, plenty and fresh and this small diner is certainly recommendable for when you’re in the area and want a quick bite. Nothing more, nothing less.



Pallasstraße 21

10781 Berlin Schöneberg


Opening Hours:

Mon–Sat 12:00–21:30


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  1. Thommy on


    hab ich auch schon gegessen :))

  2. Im Mary on


    it looks great and really tasty :-)

  3. Lischen on


    sieht wirklich Yummi aus ! :33

  4. nietzschesorphan on


    Why are you making a feature of the interior?Would you do the same if it was excerpts from The Koran?Perhaps the owners are christians, maybe not, I don’t know.If the food is delicious, the interior design whether Christian, Buddhist, Muslim or whatever doesn’t bother me.Thanks for the tip.Bless*Mark

  5. Jesus-in-the-city on


    It’s no secret from my screen name that I am Christian…That being said, I find it interesting that people think it’s weird to eat in a restaurant with Bible verses displayed, yet wouldn’t think twice about eating in a place displaying a huge buddha or the Hindu and/ or Islamic adornments that many Indian restaurants display…Just some food for thought.Enjoy your blog and learning what’s happening in Berlin from all the way here in Brooklyn, NY.Keep up the good work!Aja

    1. Mary on

      I would be equally appalled, if it were islamic or hindu or whatever religious verses lining all the walls. Just to make that clear. And I would still go to Ixthys, if I was in the area. But the food is not as good as that it would let me overlook this religious decorhave a lovely summer,mary

  6. Sasha on


    This is my absolute favorite place for Korean food in Berlin. Perhaps in the world. I am not even a tad religious, but perhaps i believe in magic as i think that the bizarre and foreign atmosphere of this restaurant (read: someone whose grandparents weren’t raged on an even an inch of religion) makes the food even better.

  7. Paul in NYC on


    “It’s” is a contraction of “it is.” The possessive form of “It” is “its.” If you can learn this bit of correct English you will be more enlightened than 75% of Americans under the age of 40.

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      Dear Paul, thanks for the note, I know the rule, still, I often forget checking it. English is not my first language, so not everything is natural to me

  8. Dave Stohler on


    I’ve eaten at Ixthys lots but lately the whole religious bent has been giving me pause. The two women are members of Sun Mynung Moon’s cult and I wonder how much money is going back to that cult. You probably wouldn’t eat in a restaurant run by the Scientologists or other cults, so is it OK to eat there? Not sure.

    Food’s great though.

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      Dear Dave, that’s a somewhat crazy information, are you sure, they are? Because that would make the whole thing even weirder…

  9. itchy on


    this looks amazing. thank you for sharing.

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