Food in Berlin: Turkish Market at Maybachufer

There are many Turkish markets in Berlin, but none is as known as the one at Maybachufer in Kreuzberg. Tuesdays and Fridays innumerable vendors set up their stands along the streets to sell everything from petty wares to glitter shoes. The main reason to come here are the vegetable and fruit as well as the fabric sellers. For incredibly low prices, you get a big choice of produce, bigger than on most Turkish markets. (On a side note, even cheaper, but also with less variety would be the Turkish market at Crellestraße, close to Yorckstraße in Schöneberg.)

Over the last years, this markets developed a great attraction for local housewives, curious tourists and young people on a budget, so vendors of organic produce, food stalls and live music were added and made it into a regular neighborhood event to hang out at, where you can also get purslane, pomegranate and huge bunches of parsley or mint for 1 Euro. (In case you don’t know purslane, it’s the greens in the first picture. Often considered useless weed, it is rather succulent and super-healthy, filled up with vitamin c and omega-3 fatty acid, just so you know.)

Turkish Market

Turkish Market


10967 Berlin Kreuzberg


Opening Hours:

Tuesdays & Fridays 11:00–18:30


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  1. Nat on


    And so many and delicious vegetables!

  2. Disha on


    When I visited Berlin in June, going to the Turkenmarkt was one of the top things on my list! Lovely pictures, especially of the fresh green veggies. When I’d gone it was a bright, sunny day and TONS of people made use of the beautiful weather by visiting the market. That meant a LOT of crowd and rush and unfortunately I couldn’t photograph half as much as I wanted to. If you can, do take a look at my experience at the Turkenmarkt: of other Berlin related posts on my blog as well (which is what drew me to your blog! Great stuff).

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