Shop in Berlin: Flea Market in Lichterfelde

As stated before, flea marketing in Berlin can be difficult. Knowing that, I planned some serious research in the outskirts of my normal Berlin circles and went to Lichterfelde, a district that is part of Steglitz-Zehlendorf, which has a lot of people with a rather high income and a high age – perfect flea market district, so to say.
Arriving there, the scenery is bleak – on a huge parking lot of one of those huge hardware stores, small stands are set up in between cars and orange shopping carts. No trees or pictorial food stands to beautify the picture. So we focussed on the offered goods.

The amount of vendors is huge, although not as big as on Mauerpark, and their offer is partly good, including the epitome of flea markets, household clearances with crazily low prices, stands only selling clocks and watches and innumerable GDR memorabilia. Many of the things sold here, like unbleached, nineties jeans shorts for two Euros a piece, shirts with patterns I’m lacking the words to describe, or perfectly round sunglasses, would be sold on a Mitte flea market for quadruple prices. This is certainly a place for those who accept a rather long journey and a lot of digging through smelly piles and are eager to communicate with people you normally never meet living your life in the center of this huge city.
And not to forget, in between there are several private vendors of seasonal fruits and vegetables, often home-grown in their gardens in Poland.

Flea Market in Lichterfelde

Flea Market in Lichterfelde

Goerzallee 189- 223

14167 Berlin Lichterfelde

Bus 285 to Billy Wilder Promenade

Opening Hours:

Sun 07.30h–16h


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  1. Stella on


    how do you choose from all those clocks? i want them all :)

  2. S on


    Why didn’t I know of this place the last time I was in Berlin?? And I agree with Stella about the clocks. I want them all too! Another reason to go back to Berlin soon, I say.

  3. Sylee on


    Lichterfelde and Lichtenberg in one week! Lovely to see you exploring outside the lines.

  4. Im Mary on


    really nice! i wanna go there. now’ heh

  5. Lara on


    I decided I would make the trek to the market this morning (Saturday). On arrival I was highly disappointed, as there was no market! I spoke to a man who operated an Imbiss at the same address, according to him the market is only on Sundays when the carpark is empty. Do you know if this is correct? Such a bummer!

    1. Mary on

      Oh my, so sorry. I was there on Sunday, but from information from the vendors, it was also happening on Saturdays…

    2. Lara on

      No worries, at least I know where it is now. You always have such useful info. Anyway, I ended up having a lovely day at the Botanic Gardens in Dahlem :)

    3. Mary on

      That’s great to hear!

  6. Madame Monsieur et Bebe on


    I’m so glad I found your site via the locals I have lived in Berlin for 10 months and am a Hugh foodie and flea mkt enthusiast your blog is

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