At Home: Adrian Bleschke

Adrian is a young architect living in a small one-bedroom apartment in Mitte, I met him several years ago and have since followed is various ventures. He’s been designing the interior for several stores and furthermore launched a collection of leather bags and accessories, everything while he was still finishing his studies. Given that he is not even close to 30, one can only wonder what the future brings.


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  1. Julia on


    Several dies, several das. Schade, das ist alles etwas unkonkret. Was macht der Herr denn nun genau?

  2. Mary Scherpe on


    Liebe Julia, Adrian beendet gerade seinen Master in Architektur, sein Interior Design kannst du dir zum Beispiel bei Le Coup in Der Steinstraße ansehen und seine Taschen findest du bei Adrett im Weinbergsweg

  3. LYNN and HORST on


    Ich bräuchte auch so Hanteln, wo bekomm ich die?

  4. Aline on


    designer zimmee

  5. Ryan A. on


    And rather cute too.

  6. Tamara Sotelo Hitschfeld on


    My grandmother’s name is Edigna Bleschke. She had 82 years old. We live in Chile, and her parent Alfred Bleschke, came from Hamburg before the second war. She lost her family contact and i hope you are part of the Bleschke descendence. If this it’s true, please contact me
    Best Regads!

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