At Home: Hien Le

Hien Le is a young fashion designer based in Berlin, that I met several years ago when he was working with Vladimir Karaleev. After finishing his school he was educated as a seamster before starting his studies in design at FHTW Berlin. Despite saying it was not at all what he had in mind when he finished his studies (and very lucky for us), he founded his own label in 2010, creating well constructed and thought-through clothing for men and women. Hien Le’s designs are unusual for Berlin, their cuts being sober and straight with the colors being fresh and popping. He quickly started gaining reputation for his simple yet impeccable designs that are now sold in Departmentstore 206 and Voo.

Hien’s been raised in Kreuzberg and since 10 years lives in a cute flat at Oranienplatz, on which’s backyard balcony I took his pictures.

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  1. Im Mary on


    Oh nice! I’ll be i Berlin in 10 days so I might have a look on his designs. He looks smart :)

  2. Karen Simon on


    Hien Le is fantastic!Here is a nice article also to give you a great idea about berlin!you should go to Tempelhofer Feld if you have a spare afternoon…x Karen

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