At Home: Raphael Hauber

Meeting someone for the first time when he opens the door to his apartment is always kind of weird and very exciting. I asked Raphael out of the blue if I could portray him for the At Home series, since I’ve seen his work several times and generously liked it.
He’s a fashion designer from south of Germany, educated in Pforzheim he started his label in Heidelberg under the name “Postweiler Hauber”, before moving to Berlin and renaming his brand “Raphael Hauber“. His focus is on menswear, but by adding minor tweaks, like elongating a men’s shirt, his designs are very wearable for women. His self designed prints are always surprising, like when he used aerial views of agriculture watering circles for his summer 2012 collection or the flamingos he densely layered in an almost abstract pattern for the coming summer of 2013.

Raphael Hauber lives and works in an apartment in the south of Neukölln.


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  1. mahret on


    Wie schön. Die alte Heidelberg Connection! Hallo Raphael ♥

  2. Steffi on


    Hey der Raphi! Schade, dass das Label momentan auf Eis liegt.

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