At Home: Roger Eberhard

roger eberhard

This is the Swiss photographer Roger Eberhard in his Berlin Mitte apartment. See the bookshelf on the right? It’s filled with countless photo books from all over the world, and his collecting passion continues with various art pieces, like the table by Christian Hoischen, the photographies in front of the shelve by Ester Vonplon or the red sculpture in the back by Madeleine Boschan. His apartment is filled with fine art photography and paintings, most not his own but by artists – painters, sculptors and photographers alike – he admires. There is no pretension in this practice, he rather finds it very usual to buy and in the end support his colleagues and friends. Eventually this collection indicates how tightly knit he and his way of life are with art, its production and its products.
His own work is very conceptual in its approach, every photography project is preceded by a rather long phase of research for just the right spot to take pictures. For his probably most known series Wilted Country Roger travelled to Nevada, Nebraska and Wyoming, picturing lost and deserted places on Polaroid. My favorit is the Tumulus series, photographies of ruinous huts in the forest of a deserted Canadian island, referring to an immense (hi)story of ownership, transfer and loss and still being aesthetically pleasing and open for personal connotations.
He will be presenting his newest series Once it held laughter – Once it held dreams tomorrow in Zurich’s Christophe Guye Galerie. It’s dealing with a rather weird part of a Hamburg suburb that though being deserted due to the fact that it’s located in the airport’s approach paths, is still maintained by the city’s government – meaning the gardens are tended, the houses are heated etc. Roger’s work examines the many reasons for supporting, accepting, ignoring or rejecting this suspicious scene, if you’re in Zurich, I definitely recommend taking a look at this photographies to see what reaction you’re going for.


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  1. Damian Bathory on


    Now that is what I call a nice place to live. Honestly, with pretty good lighting, an okay view, style, and enough space, who wouldn’t want to live in something like that?

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