Food in Berlin: Ron Telesky Canadian Pizza

No, there’s no such thing as Canadian Pizza, so don’t let the name mislead you. The story behind the name is fueled by a fond memory of this pizza place’s owner Sebastian Hunold, of when he worked in a pizza shop near Toronto. The way they did pizza there, that’s what he wanted to transport to Berlin: very thin dough combined with unusual toppings. So they’ve got some crazy pizza on offer, like the Couchpotato (sweet potato, potato, rosemary and cheddar; pictured above), the Cronenberg Crash (cilantro pesto, tandoori tofu, mango, peanuts and red pepper), Herman the German (sauerkraut, potatos and kasseler), or the Wayne Gretzky with caramelized garlic. A slice starts at 2,50, you get what’s currently on offer, but you can order all the variations if you take a whole one (with at least two friends, the pizzas are about 60cm!). Additional to that, you may add arugula, homemade tabasco sauce, sweet mustard or hot maple sauce to your liking.
But who’s Ron Telesky? He’s the preparator of the giant moose head watching this small pizza place.

Sebastian Hunold with one of his giant pizzas.

Ron Telesky Canadian Pizza

Ron Telesky Canadian Pizza

Dieffenbachstraße 62

10967 Berlin Kreuzberg


Opening Hours:

Mon–Fri 12:30–22:00
Sat–Sun 13:30–22:00