Food in Berlin: Sori (closed)

Update: The place is closed and I currently don’t know whether she’s going to open a new spot.

Seems like we’re going through a Korean food phase in Berlin this year, or at least I am after a travel to South Korea last March. So I am eager trying the Korean food places in Berlin and while I won’t follow the praise of some, I seriously like Sori in Prenzlauer Berg. The place is very tiny, with a very friendly and welcoming owner giving it a thoroughly homey feeling. The menu is small as well, offering home made and down-to-earth, traditional Korean dishes, with a well balanced and dainty taste. Sori manages to give Korean food even a kind of freshness, which is sometimes missing in a kitchen, where most vegetables are pickled and rarely served untreated.

Edit: As I’ve just learned from the comments, this place is going to have to leave this adress at the end of this month. So make sure you go there asap, and if you know something about a nice and location for rent, let her know!

A small PS concerning the much praised Arirang in Wedding (Seestraße 106), I found the food way too greasy and bland (we chose a soup and a pancake) and the interior disturbing in its dirtiness. So no recommendation possible from my side.


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  1. Dani on


    try juki in lychener strasse, it´s really nice, too :)

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      I will! Thanks for the tip :-)

  2. Shannen on


    Id recommend ‘madang’ in Gneisenaustr also. They seem to be not knowing about chemical additives and preservatives usw. Well seasoned and so healthy.

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      thanks for the tip, will go there as soon as I am in the area

  3. owl on


    try Sori before she gets kicked out of the place. Unfortunately the owners of the house have some other plans. And she is searching for a new place at the moment.

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      what bad news… hopefully she can find something soon

  4. Anonymous on


    what’s did you eat? looks very yummy :)

  5. Anonymous on


    i know one. Hear is also dilicious one. Dasomi koreanisches Restauran. it’s located in Charlottenburg. you can search in Googlemap.

  6. susanne on


    The sweet lady is still there – and the food is really lovely – we had lunch there today and the bibimbap was great – much better than in other places in Berlin. So, Mary, many thanks for the tip – and lets keep fingers crossed, the Korean lady can stay much longer!Susanne

  7. jessica on


    Hallo Mary, ixthus (griechisch: Fisch) am Winterfeldtplatz ist mein Favorit !! xx

  8. Lasse on


    Anybody knows of she opened a new restaurant, and if yes where?

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      sadly, not that i know of :(

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