Food in Berlin: Tandur Lasan

Update: Tandur Lasan is now called Dilan, but bakes the same delicious bread. 

Located in not much more than a hole-in-the-wall, not bigger than 10 square meters at most, the space is big enough for two bakers constantly kneading, throwing and rolling breads to bake them to perfection in their Tandoori ovens. The tiny venture on Kottbusser Damm specialized in bread only, which you can get as a four piece bread bag or rolled with sesame seeds and slices of white cheese. And if you’re in the mood for more toppings, get some dainty ones at the market on Maybachufer.



Kottbusser Damm 6

10967 Berlin Kreuzberg


Opening Hours:

Mon–Fri 9:00–19:00
Sat–Sun 10:00–18:00


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  1. Sasha on


    i love this place! i love how easy it is to walk by. i love how delicious the fresh bread is and i love how beautiful it looks in those rows.

  2. Adina on


    This is one of the best tasting breads in my opinion

  3. Lucy on


    This place is amazing! But they are persian, not turkish….!

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