Food in Berlin: Wiener Brot

Sarah Wiener is an Austrian chef popular in Germany, her brand got several restaurants in Berlin and has just recently expanded her venture to baking bread. The first bakery “Wiener Brot” has opened a few weeks back at Tucholskystraße and offers whole-grain bread, small pastries and cake from the wood stove. The bread is the focus of course, with huge loafs with crispy crust being sold by the quarter. The best is their “Wiener Hausbrot” with fennel and caraway, making it savory and overly delicious with fresh butter.

wiener brot stilinberlin 2
Wiener Brot

Wiener Brot

Tucholskystraße 31

10117 Berlin Mitte

Oranienburger Straße

Opening Hours:

Mon–Fri 07:00–19:00,
Sat 08:00–16:00


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  1. Duck on


    Bread with caraway seeds is something I always associate with Germanic/central European cuisine! Wish you could buy it easily here…

  2. shayes on


    I used to live in Denmark, where the traditional sweet pastries are called wienerbrød. If only I could find such amazing sweets or caraway bread in Australia!

  3. Marie Schaller on


    hmm… thats´s great! Getting so hungry now;) Thanks a lot for this post. I will definitely visit Sarah Wiener next week… mjam

  4. Anna Mond on


    Das Brot sieht ja gut aus! Und die Backerei auch noch in meinem alten Kiez… In California findet man kein echtes Deutsches Brot. LG

  5. Kelsey on


    Lecker, I want to eat the photos..

    Absolutely love your site!

  6. Mario on


    Really tasty bread but the price is ridicolous. Normally you pay for a good “normal” bread a price of about 3,50 Euro for a Kilo. There it was around 5 Euro per Kilo. Its probably similar to all the other brands you pay for the name of Sarah Wiener + the location. I guess the people dont care in the area…

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