Art in Berlin: Best of ABC – Art Berlin Contemporary

abc – Art Berlin Contemporary opened its doors yesterday and I went there early to find some favorites which I now call “best of”. This list is of course driven by personal taste, so I suggest you go there to roam the huge halls of Station to find your own best of list. The program is massive, bring some time and before you feel lost, join one of Niche Berlin’s tours through the halls.

The exhibition architecture of this year feels much better, lighter and more open than last year’s overly structured white walls, that made the space feel narrow and crowded. For this year, Manuel Raeder designed a reusable structure using already existing material. The concept of abc is different from a trade show, as it is different from an exhibition – the invited galleries only present one artist, which was chosen in agreement with the abc board, in one space – which makes the whole event a lot calmer than usual trade shows, where each gallery brings a mass of works by different artists.

But now, let’s talk about the art:

Ignacio Uriarte, presented by Figge von Rosen Galerie, pictured here is a sound piece where Blixa Bargeld is reading ASDFGHJKLÖ, the middle line of a keyboard. The voice is very intriguing, if the sound piece is not running when you get there, ask them to turn it on!

Eduardo Basualdo, presented by PSM gallery. I saw his black cloud filling up the whole space of the gallery already at the opening at Stra… Straße .. and was instantly captivated. My photograph of his presentation at abc doesn’t do the work justice, the glass is actually shaking as is the big black blob in the background. Something you need to see yourself to understand it fully.

Marcel Frey, presented by Thomas Fischer Galerie. He remodels furniture and interior objects from the 70s and 80s to sculptures and pictures, in the front is a coffee table, the background are spray paintings, for which he used old curtains. There are many personal as well as social references touched in his works and as a plus, they are really beautiful. To me it seemed like interior or furniture-like objects and works are a big topic at this year’s abc.

The collective Slavs and Tartars presented by Kraupa-Tuskany. Sadly, I did not take the chance to get onto this flying carpet, I wonder what happens once you’re up there..

Timur Si-Qin presented by Société. This work reminded me very much of the aesthetics of DIS Magazine, and in particular of the article “Body Horror” Antonio Trecel Diaz wrote for them.

Taiyo Onorato & Nico Krebs presented by RaebervonStenglin from Zurich. This object is part of a series called “As long as it photographs it must be a camera”, which is also a book and how couldn’t I like this?

In one of the halls, a huge basar is installed with contributions by design projects, in this case it’s Berlin based fashion collective Bless, who designed a new kind of computer keyboard to go to to release your annoyance of the long lines at Mogg&Melzer’s pastrami sandwich booth.


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