Art in Berlin: Boros Collection

The renown Boros Collection located in a former bunker in Mitte has re-modeled their collection presentation and gave the press a sneak-peak last Thursday. It will open to the public tomorrow, it is only visitable with a booked tour, you can book it here. Above pictured is Besen! Besen! Seids gewesen! by Alicja Kwade – see some of my favorites here:

Wolfgang Tillmanns Lutz and Alex sitting in the trees, 1992 and Lutz & Alex climbing tree, 1992

Wolfgang Tillmans Rosen, 1994

Michael Sailstorfer Wolke, 2012

Michael Sailstorfer Forst (01), 2010

Tomas Saraceno Flying Garden/Air-Port-City/32SW, 2007

Thea Djordjadze Untitled, 2011

Manon Awst & Benjamin Walther Latent Measures (Component 17), 2011

Alicja Kwade Parallelwelt, 2009

Alicja Kwade Andere Bedingung (Aggregatzustand 4), 2009

Alicja Kwade Unter anderer Bedingung, 2008

Boros Collection

Boros Collection

Reinhardtstraße 20

10117 Berlin Mitte

Oranienburger Tor

Opening Hours:

Thu–Sun 10:00–18:00
by appointment only


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  1. Sasha on


    Do you know how many exhibitions they have had? When I visited a few years ago they said that they planned to show different parts of the collection every year, but that it was so popular that they would wait. I’m just curious to know.And what an amazing collection! I always find it quite fascinating to see art provided in a private non-commercial collection. I also love the Sammlung Hoffmann as it is so much more intimate and domestic to see art their in comparison to in a museum.

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      Dear Sasha,the re-installment has been postponed for quite some time. this is the second installment they’re presenting, so you’ve missed none.. mary

  2. Nileta Kotsikou on


    oh just beautiful! i love the bent brooms!

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