At Home: Alfons Klosterfelde and Carolin Würfel

Alfons and Carolin live in a very berlinesque Altbau in Neukölln. It is furnished in a very cosy yet minimal and arty way. Just above them hangs an edition piece of John Bock under a photography of Wols. Alfons is the galerist of Helga Maria Klosterfelde, a gallery focussing on editions and multiples and just recently presented two editions by Fiete Stolte, about whom I posted last week.
Whenever I meet Carolin, we share the odd urge to talk only in our common dialect, Saxon. A dialect I am not using at all, though I was raised with it, also because it suffers from being used for all kind of comedic spoofs where people are describes as “not very smart”. Despite it having a certain kind of appeal, being very soft and using the weirdest words (like, Ningeltrine, Mutzel or Motschekiepchen, to name just a few of my favorits).


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  1. Peroxide Blonde on


    favourites. What a beautiful home!Peroxide Blonde

  2. Anonymous on


    in Dresden we say Mutsekiebsch’n :)I have the same thing going on with a friend from Saxony – whenever we meet we start talking dialect… besides living almost 10 years here in BerlinI like the space and the light in this room

  3. Paul in NYC on


    I wish I knew Saxon. Dresden is my favorite place on earth (though Berlin is marvelous).

  4. Im Mary on


    bright flat. nice! anyway I always miss more pictures of these super-homes :-)

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      Dear Mary, there are different reasons why it’s mostly only one picture – often the people agreeing to be photographed don’t want their whole apartment to be pictured, because it’s not about a homestory, but more about the person in their home, at one, often favorit place.

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