At Home: Fiete Stolte

To visit Fiete Stolte I went deep into the woods of Wedding, where the artist chose to live a hermit life just by a lake. This is of course completely exaggerated, the truth is a little less extreme. Fiete lives in the Rehberge park, in a studio house just next to Plötzensee where he enjoys the silence to work.

Fiete Stolte is an artist working in a what might be best called installation-based style with an overall concept that is focussed on the bending of assumed to be fixed principles of our daily life. For example he chose to live by an eight-day week instead of seven like the rest of us does, or changed the North-East-West-South principle to Fiete-East-West-South. Essentially because it is entirely possible to change those man-made guidelines.

If you want to see the artistic results of this conceptual approach, you’ve got the chance to do so twice this week. His work will be exhibited from tomorrow at his gallery Sassa Trülzsch and at Helga Maria Klosterfelde.

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