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After interviewing Ralf Rüller, the owner of Third Wave Coffee mecca The Barn, I knew it was only a matter of time before he was starting his own roastery. This time has come two days ago, when The Barn Roastery on Schönhauser Allee opened its doors. With the roastery in the back and a coffee bar in the front, the space is at least three times as big as the “original” The Barn (Auguststrasse 58), though its target group might be even smaller. Ralf decided to go for a strict but convincing concept: they only offer what they believe is the best way to serve a certain coffee. Which also means no sugar and no soy-milk (because its taste is too strong) and only a small range of cakes and sandwiches.
This place is something for coffee-admirers, with its prices being slightly above the average the products served here aim for the highest of quality. Which also means starting the day with a coffee from their brew-bar menu will make you twice as happy (the taste is incomparably good) and twice as quick (they’re really strong).
With support of Square Mile London, the roastery will soon start roasting coffee for you to enjoy on the spot and to take home. The new space is also big enough to train and educate The Barn’s staff for cuppings and championships.

This new The Barn won’t be something for everyone, laptops are only allowed at one standing table, buggies aren’t allowed at all due to the fumes the roaster emits and the coffee menu is very strict. But if you’re willing to accept their rules your reward will be the full pleasure of pure delicious coffee.

Read the full interview with Ralf here, and see even more Third Wave Coffee spots in Berlin here.

Berlin best coffee, cafés in Berlin, The Barn, Berlin third wave coffee, specialty coffee Instead of sugar, I had a dainty scone with my coffee, which was made with a V60.

Berlin best coffee, cafés in Berlin, The Barn, Berlin third wave coffee, specialty coffee, syphon
A rather scientific looking process of making coffee, namely a Syphon.

Berlin best coffee, cafés in Berlin, The Barn, The Barn roastery, Berlin third wave coffee, specialty coffee

The Barn Roastery

The Barn Roastery

Schönhauser Allee 8

10119 Berlin Mitte


Opening Hours:

Mon–Fri 08:30–18:00
Sat–Sun 10:00–18:00


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  1. Im Mary on


    wow! this café looks sooo cosy.

  2. Dan on


    I wish there was something similar in my country, though It’s the first place to visit when I’m in Berlin …

  3. Sofia - As We Travel on


    This place sounds awesome! I’m not a huge coffee drinker, but I’d like a place that shows me how coffee is supposed to be made.

  4. Fred on


    Nice place, good coffee. But why do these designer coffee places always have to have uncomfortable kindergarten stools?

    1. amy on

      “You have to do stuff that average people don’t understand because those are the only good things.” Warhol
      I’m sure Ralf knew he wouldn’t be liked by everyone, and that’s totally expected and totally ok – a necessary part of making this particular luxury materialize in the world. Those who are into it will be well glad it exists. Who cares if you’re not liked by everyone? Sure Ralf’s didn’t have such stupid expectation. He seems to know his stuff. :)

  5. so far on


    The Roastery is located at Schönhauser Allee 8, not at Alte Schönhauser Straße.

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      my mistake

  6. Anonymous on


    sure the coffee is great at the Barn.but they completely missed the point… that coffee is about atmosphere and social interaction.they don’t allow strollers, don’t like kids, don’t have wireless internet, they hide their sugar, etc etc…i don’t want my coffee with rules – these guys are super arrogant!!i’m a huge coffee fan, but won’t go there again, i don’t need someone to tell me how to take my coffee. not cool…a bunch of obnoxious fools.

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      your criticism is all very right, they’ve got strict rules and Ralf is after creating an atmosphere, that is solely directed towards the enjoyment of coffee and the talk about coffee. this all might seem a little too strict, but if you get to know him and his store, it starts making sense. reducing the environment as much as possible to maximise the taste. luckily, and he knows that too, there are many many cafés all over berlin where you can have your sugar, babies, wifi and soy milk. so why should one highly specialized vendor be an annoyance?

  7. ingvi on


    I think to top it all they should disallow drinking coffee.Their espresso did not blow me away, little bit sour for my taste – guess I’ll just stick with Bonanza. :)

  8. Anonymous on


    es gibt nicht einen guten grund dort seinen kaffee zu trinken – lauter androgyne junge knaben, die auch mit einheimischen nur englisch sprechen und die gäste maßregeln (keine milch, kein zucker, kein nix). kinder- und rollstuhlfahrerfeindlich. erstere (säuglinge!!!) sollen allen ernstes alleine im kinderwagen an der hauptstraße abgestellt werden, obwohl drinnen mehr platz ist, als in jedem anderen laden in der umgebung), letztere müssen zunächst um einlass bitten, damit der betonpfeiler verschoben wird und sie zugang bekommen. das ist beschämend. von herzen wünsche ich mir, dass dieses konzept nicht aufgeht oder aber das etablissement künftig ausschließlich von berliner frauen mit tragetuch besucht und zum stillcafé umfunktioniert wird. in was für einer gesellschaft leben wir denn eigentlich, dass so ein geschäftsmodell toleriert wird?

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      Ich antworte mal, auch wenn diese Kritik aus der anonymen Meckermasse kommt.. Wieso sollte man so ein Modell nicht tolerieren? Es ist ein strenges Konzept, aber keines, über das man sich in solcher Art beschweren müsste oder gar zum Boycott aufrufen. Es verbietet auch keine Kinder, sondern lediglich Kinderwägen. Das Baby kann man heraus nehmen, soweit ich weiß.

  9. Anonymous on


    i agree mary, ralf is creating an atmosphere.but not a cool one.i wonder if he allows talking on phones in his cafe?perhaps there is a particular way of drinking his coffee that we must follow?i wonder, can we slurp his coffee? or drink it left-handed?are we allowed to laugh in his cafe? or is this also forbidden?sometimes when drinking coffee, I unconsciously pick my nose, its a harmless twitch, but i can’t help it… what would ralf do if he saw this..? gosh, I could be arrested!once I even accidently let out a little fart in a cafe, yeah it was embarrassing, but a little bit funny too… Ralf would certainly lose his mind if such an infraction occurred!!berlin’s best quality is it’s cool, relaxed atmosphere, obviously old Ralf doesn’t get it.

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      dear coward anonymous, maybe you should go there and try it before ranting stupidly. the barn has an open, lively and friendly atmosphere, I certainly wouldn’t recommend it, if it hadn’t. Ralf and his crew are all about sharing coffee and their knowledge about it with the people interested.

  10. Anonymous on


    Ich verstehe das Konzept: Konzentration auf das Wesentliche. Keine ‘multimediale-Multitasking-Ablenkung’. Kein Müttergeschnatter und schreinende Kinder. Keine (bzw. kaum) Geschmacksverklärer. Der reine Geschmack.Dass die Sache mit dem Poller für so viel Aufregung sorgt, beweist eigentlich wie gerechtfertigt er ist. Vermutlich stammen die vorherigen Kritiken ebenfalls aus dem sich gerne so rücksichtslos benehmenden Lager.Man muss sich von der Masse absetzen, etwas besonderes schaffen. Ich hoffe, dass das Konzept Bestand haben wird (‘der reine Geschmack’). Bei Gelegenheit werde ich den Laden auf jeden Fall einmal aufsuchen.

  11. mg. on


    hey mary.lots of people posted anonymously on this issue… I think its not cool to call them ‘cowards’ or stupid.these are your readers, and you should respect them, and their views.i’ve been to this place, their rules are ridiculous, and i won’t go back.oh, and just in case you didn’t see it – this made the news on a little website called the Huffington Post, maybe you’ve heard of it ?? …and they had 357 comments about the story, most of them sharing their view that they hate the idea of this place.

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      Posting rants anonymously is always cowardish, because it’s too easy (and you are one of them, who are not courageous enough to add a real name to their critic, too). And regarding the Huffington Post, there are many people who won’t like the concept, who won’t like what Ralf is doing, who even won’t like the coffee. And still, there are enough who will.

  12. sonntagsbaecker on


    Ah, das ist also das ominöse “Kinderhasser”-Café, von dem HuffPo und SPON berichtet haben :D Ich muss sagen, dass ich die Aufregung nicht so ganz verstehe…ich meine, das ist Prenzl Berg! Es gibt tausend Cafés in Berlin und mindestens die Hälfte befindet sich hier (völlig subjektive Schätzung)^^ Und genug von diesen Cafés begrüßen auch die Familien mit Kindern samt Kinderwagen. Wenn Ralf Rollstuhlfahrer nicht hineinlassen würde, dann würde ich die Aufregung verstehen. Aber das ist ja nun nicht der FallZum Konzept: The Barn erinnert mich an Blue Bottle in Berkeley und New York. Die selbe puristische Herangehensweise, die gleiche minimalistische Einrichtung. Blue Bottle hat mir eigentlich immer gut gefallen, von ihren Preisen mal abgesehen (ca. 7$ für nen Kaffee??). Deswegen werd ich Ralf demnächst sicher auch mal eine Chance geben.

  13. Sabine on


    Just stumbled across this article and am wondering… Mary, why do you defend this guy so vigorously? He does what he does and people are allowed to criticise his concept (no matter if openly or anon). I read the article in the Huff-Post and – still living in London – really couldn’t get him. Having lived in Berlin now for a while I do understand his reasoning (re laptops, buggies) better – although exclusion is never a good strategy in my eyes.

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      Dear Sabine, I defend The Barn and its delicious coffee against the attacks that happened right after opening, that went rather crazy in my opinion – I think it’s, as you say, perfectly fine to let him do what he wants to do and like it or not. Though, comments get quite rude and inappropriate especially from anonymous commenters, and that’s when I start to step in.

  14. maintanos on


    I ‘ve tried one of their “elaborate” brews, think it was a syphon brewed cambodia blend of some short and it was the single worst cup of coffee I have ever tasted. weak, cold, no aroma, too sour, no depth and of a disgusting fecal color. I don’t mind that the guy is running an awkward business that everybody hates for its pretentiousness, I ll let the laws of the market deal with that. I do mind that a guy who was of another profession just a couple of years ago, claims to be a coffee expert, dictates coffee manifestos (!!) and brews shitty coffee (his espresso based drinks (sic) are ok). hubris. since, I ‘ve stopped going to the original barn too. Syndicato makes a better capuccino and I brew a better espresso and americano at home. /rant over

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