Food in Berlin: Çarik Kuruyemiş

Another week, another Kumpir. After my discovery of this Turkish baked potato last week, I was happy to try a new vendor this week and my ways led me into this small roasting specialist on Kottbusser Damm (another branch in Wedding, see below). Famous for its roasted nuts and pits, they also offer Kumpir from a huge iron oven, topped with a variety of salads, olives and nuts. This time I went not for the traditional version, where everything available is topped on the baked potato, whose baked inner is mashed and mixed with butter and cheese, but chose three toppings, namely two mayonnaise salads with safran and “hot sauce”, that was at least for my palate really hot.
I liked that they didn’t use aluminum foil and salads were fresh and tasty. Definitely a Kumpir that is recommendable!

Any other Kumpir recommendations?

Also at: Çarik Kuruyemiş, Müllerstraße 39, 13353 Berlin Wedding
Subway: Seestraße

Çarik Kuruyemiş

Çarik Kuruyemiş

Kottbusser Damm 73

10967 Berlin Neukölln


Opening Hours:

daily 09:30–22:00


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  1. Anonymous on


    I’ve been to Café Peri once. It’s in Schöneberg, next to the U-Bahn Kleistpark. They were incredibly nice and the food was just the same.

  2. Anonymous on


    Unfortunatly, the best Kumpir you can get in Hamburg.
    I am always searching for something comparable in Berlin, but until now always disappointed.

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      Please, tell us where your favourite hamburg kumpir is!

  3. Carolin on


    My favorite one as well. And that for just 3,90€!

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