Food in Berlin: Edd’s

Last Tuesday, Kirsten and I took a cab from the Supportico Lopez opening to Times at St. Agnes, when we passed by Edd’s and she told me that they would serve the best Thai food of Berlin. So the next day I went there before a photo appointment to try it together with Caro, who also already knew it. Seems like I was the only one missing out on the delicious dishes. Like the above pictured cucumber salad with fresh cilantro and a sesame dressing for 4 Euros, or a nicely fried tofu with very fresh and nicely crisp vegetables for 7,50 Euros I had for lunch.



Lützowstraße 81

10785 Berlin Tiergarten


Opening Hours:

Tue–Fri, 11.30–15.00 & 18.00–24.00,
Sat 17.00–24.00,
Sun 14.00–24.00


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  1. Marc Juenger on


    Next time try the “Ente mit Palmenherzen” and the “Bananenblüten Salat” Edd’s is indeed THE best Thai place in Berlin!

  2. Chirstian Jenny on


    Omg!!! This thai dish is looking so delicious. If I were there.

  3. StreetLounge on


    That sure looks delicious! :)

  4. Anita Heiberg on


    Some friends and I went last night Everything was delicious! We each had t Tom-Ka-Gai soup – fantastic! I had the Ente zweimal gebraten (double baked duck), which they say is their best duck dish – I would agree. We also had the Knusprige Ente, Mango-Salat and Hühnerbrustfilet im rotem Curry. The spring rolls were very small, so I wouldn’t bother. Also, the Thai smile cocktail was a hit.
    The street directly in front is full of “ladies of the night” after dark, so not the nicest area – although obviously different during the day. I would still recommend it for an evening meal, you feel like you’re in a different world when you step inside.

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