Food in Berlin: Katz Orange

I just assume that most of you know the restaurant “Katz Orange” already, since it received so much praise for its kitchen being regional, seasonal and creative since its opening last January. What is fairly new and as the lack of visitors suggested also rather unknown though, is that this restaurant, located in a former brewery in a Mitte backyard, is also offering a small lunch menu which allows you to test their kitchen for a good price. Pictured you see a risotto with marinated radicchio, that is already off the lunch menu, but just to be replaced by equally dainty sounding dishes like fresh egg pasta with leek and BBQ pork (11 Euros) or a french baguette with Parisian ham, mustard and home made pickles (8 Euros). All to be enjoyed with fresh watermelon juice or a home made lemonade and finished with a plum tarte and caramel ice cream for a great break from work.

Katz Orange

Katz Orange

Bergstraße 22

10115 Berlin Mitte


Opening Hours:

daily 18:00–03:30


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