Food in Berlin: Mädchenitaliener

There’s been a time, it’s already several years past, when “lunch menues” had their moment in Berlin. Means getting a starter and a main course for mostly around 8 Euros in mostly Kreuzberg restaurants. This is pretty affordable for two courses, but it also means you eat a lot and as a consequence are very tired in the afternoon. But today, we revived the old habits at Mädchenitaliener.
Some might say, this small and likeable Italian place on Alte Schönhauser also is a thing of the past, last time I ate there is about 5 years ago. But especially for ice-cold and grey winter days, as we’re facing them soon enough, this cosy spot is a great option. Their menu is simple, classic Italian pasta dishes with a twist and of course the famous pasta with figs, which is still their best seller. We had a salad with a delicious mozarella and onions in balsamico, pasta with mussels and tagliatelle with fresh spinach and almond-grape pesto. The later being surprising in its sweetness with a nice touch of savoury parmesan cheese. Though my lunch partner wasn’t totally convinced of his mussels dish, I would be totally up for having my lunch here again.



Alte Schönhauser Straße 12

10119 Berlin Mitte


Opening Hours:

Mon–Sat 12:00–24:00
Sun 18:00–24:00


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  1. Velvet Dreams on


    Njumi. :)I like your blog.xoxo

  2. Claire on


    The pasta with mussels looks delicious! I’ll be in berlin in January and will be searching for that restaurant!!

  3. Nat on


    So delicious!! I think I will buy mussels in the next days and imitate this meal yummi yummi!!

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