Archive: September 2012

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Food in Berlin: Luigi Zuckermann (Closed)

Berlin is offering us some nice and sunny days, warm enough to enjoy lunch in the sun, as I did this week with my fashion blogging friends of This is Jane Wayne. Sarah and Nike suggested having a sandwich at the fabulous Luigi Zuckermann sandwich place since they were really hungry and Zuckermann’s sandwiches are surely suitable for that situation.

Food in Berlin: Malin Elmlid’s Bread Exchange

This is Malin Elmlid cutting one of her overly delicious breads, just taken from the oven, for us to eat with fresh butter in a short break from what is only to be called a baking-franzy. This Swedish bread-maven agreed to prepare 30 loafs of her special sourdough bread for the opening of Boros Collection last Saturday and I just shortly stopped by to watch her scaling, mixing and folding and distracted her by asking many many questions about her love for the baked goods and her bread exchange project.

Stil in Berlin map banner