Escape: Polo in Berlin

This weekend I went out to explore what’s usually not on my list of sunday to-dos. We drove far east to watch the finals of the Bucherer Polo Trophy Berlin on the grounds of Galopprennbahn Hoppegarten. Means I spend my sunday in a crowd dressed in white jeans, riding boots and polo shirts with huge logos, and I am not talking about the actual players. Nevertheless, the game itself is exciting to watch: eight horses and their riders competing on what is not much larger than a soccer field for a ball that is a lot smaller than a soccer ball. If played well, the game is very quick and dirty, with players screaming and horses racing over the field, quickly changing stopping and changing directions.
That said, Berlin is not a mecca for the elite of (mostly Argentinian) polo players, many of the participants are ranked in the lower handicaps with an overall team handicap of 6 (out of 10). The reason is probably that Polo is a game for an elite with money. One game usually lasts from four to six chukkers (phases), each being 7 minutes long and players are using up to six ponies a game. And the teams were sponsored by Bentley and Bucherer, with the winning team being “Tom Tailor”. The game of course provokes a lot of rightful criticism about animal cruelty, since the risk of injury is obviously high for riders and horses. As does all equestrian sport. And beware of their “parties”.
Luckily nothing happened during this game and it surely is an amusing sunday hang-out. Surprisingly, the games are free to watch.


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  1. greenpinkorange on


    Gestern gabs auch Polo in Frankfurt…und ich wollte auch eigentlich hin, um genauso schöne Bilder zu machen…aber ich musste ja unbedingt erkältet daheim sein…seuftz. Next time.Grüße aus FrankfurtA



    wow die fotos sind toll. vor allem das fünfte bild beeindruckt durch die dynamik. toll

  3. AWK on


    Polo ist toll. Ich habe vor vielen Jahren einmal Prince Charles gesehen, wie er in einer südenglischen Kleinstadt Polo spielte. Während der Spielpausen haben alle, gemäß der Tradition, die kaputtgegangenen Rasenstücke wieder reingetreten. (Sogar die Queen macht dabei mit, wenn sie einem Polospiel beiwohnt.)

  4. ebe on


    Do games happen every Sunday or is there a way to find out the schedule? I love your photos and would love to watch a game myself.

  5. Julia on


    the risk of injury is obviously high for riders and horses. As does all equestrian sport. –

    not true. Equestrian sports – if conducted right – are a benefit to the horses health. For example dressage: it improves the horses agility, flexibility and endurance, which increases life expectancy

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