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After photographing Roger Eberhard I went to buy his book “Tumulus” at 25books, a small store on Brunnenstraße specializing on photography books. The owner Hannes Wanderer is a printer and photographer turned publisher. His “Peperoni Books” have not only published Roger’s work, but also photo books by Michael Wolf and Angela Bröhan. But no worries, the store does not only offer 25 books, but is actually full of international photo books, many only available in very small editions and still being affordable (Tumulus is just 36 Euros!). The store is a like a treasure trove for everyone interested in photography (and great for gifts) and the owner Hannes is not getting tired of explaining, selecting and presenting his best finds. As an add-on, 25books also presents photography exhibitions, like on this Friday, when Michael Schäfer’s new book “Models” will be presented.

25 Books

25 Books

Brunnenstraße 152

10115 Berlin Mitte

Bernauer Straße

Opening Hours:

Wed, Fri, Sat 14:00–19:00


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  1. Adina on


    I will definitely pay them a visit. I have long been searching book stores specialised on photography. Another example would the store inside the Helmut Newton Museum, but it tends to be rather pricey.

  2. Im Mary on


    I love these bookshops! seriously need to go there when Im in Berlin again. Great pics

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