Art in Berlin: Yarisal & Kublitz

Well, fertility and its many implementations are a somewhat iconic topic in the arts. Swiss-Danish duo Ronnie Yarisal and Katja Kublitz managed to create pieces, that are as decorative as they are saucy. Their work is currently on display at Gerhardsen Gerner gallery, which is hidden behind a bland 90s building, beneath the railway arcades at Michaelbrücke facing the Spree.
The artists exhibit a variety of small sculpture works, and though they might look merely ornamental at first, like the perfect dust trap on top of a coffee table, their implications are a lot more complex. Their objects are perfectly crafted in brass and concrete, well balanced in their design, they reference a seventies style, like the coke machine or the fertility ball. The latter being especially interesting, two jade balls lie in chestnut husks, which are held by brass rings. Not only might this remind you of a cock ring, or a somewhat esoteric cult-object, but the materiality is even more interesting. While one might guess the jade balls were the most expensive, it is actually the chestnut husks, which are made of painted porcelain. The weird mix of fragility, beauty, kitsch and high-quality makes their work noteworthy.

Yarisal & Kublitz are exhibited at Gerhardsen Gerner until Nov 23rd from Wed–Sat 11am–6pm, Holzmarktstr. 15–1 (S-Bahnbogen 46).

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    I love the freedom in use of the mix material and form

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