Food in Berlin: Bixels (only this week!)

Daniel Bixel is back on Berlin’s baked potato scene but, sadly, only temporary! His tiny all-black store in Mulackstraße served the most coveted baked potato in Mitte until it had to close past March (Das Neue Schwarz has taken over the space, so it’s in good hands). Daniel wasn’t in the mood for continuing his potato endeavours and decided to go on travels. But now, six months later we’re lucky to get five days of delicious Bixels potatoes at Club der polnischen Versager until this Saturday, October 6th.
The key to this one being so dainty are the toppings, being a lot simpler and more up-scale than the ones you get with the original version, Kumpir. At his temporary space, Daniel Bixel offers three versions: beef with horseradish sauce and carrot salad, tuna with feta and capers (pictured below), and the vegetarian with goat cheese, spinach and walnuts (pictured above). Oh glorious potato, go and get yours! And if you’re there, don’t forget to tell Daniel how much you would like him to start another and then please permanent Bixels soon.

Bixels Exil – Ackerstraße 169, 10115 Berlin Mitte
Subway: Rosenthaler Platz
Opening Hours: until October 6th, 12h-21h


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  1. Josh on


    Looks great, I am so sad that I am no in Berlin until monday:(

  2. Anonymous on


    how much are those?

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      The tuna one is 6,-, the other two are 6,50

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