Food in Berlin: Wilde Gärtnerei

Wilde Gärtnerei is one of my favorit vegetable and fruit vendors in Berlin, I like them so much, I don’t mind thrusting my way through the crowds of Sunday’s Mauerpark flea market to get to their stall. The reason is simple, they sell their own tasty produce from a farm 30km north of Berlin where they take great pride in creating a self-supply community that deals with farming in a traditional and sustainable way. This results in a variety of vegetables and fruits you might have never seen before. Like the purple cauliflower or the mustard greens in the mix of wild herbs, or this one kind of apple of which they and acknowledged pomologist (yes, that’s a job) don’t know the name since the tree is too old to be classified. Everything they sell is full of flavor, also recommendable are their juices, which they make out of windfalls as well as honey.


You can buy their produce Saturday’s at Schillermarkt, Neukölln, as mentioned before, on Sunday’s Mauerpark flea market, or you join their collective and pick up your share in one of their stocks in Prenzlauer Berg, Pankow, Neukölln or Kreuzberg (click here for more information).

Update: Wilde Gärtnerei now also has a stall at the farmer’s market happening Fridays and Saturdays at Markthalle IX!

IMG_9428-21 IMG_9433-51


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  1. Marija Falina on


    looks delicious, next time i go to berlin i’ll give it a try, especially the juices seem interesting

  2. savannah on


    Beautiful food shots by the way. makes me hungry for some delicious flee market shopping.

  3. katherineprice on


    The juices look great, and I just happen to be taking a friend to Mauerpark this Sunday! Will definitely give it a try, thanks for the recommendation!

  4. Sylee on


    Hear, hear! I think such farmers and producers are the true heroes of Berlin’s food scene. Love those juice labels too, wonder where they have them printed?

  5. Jörg on


    Da ein Freund von mir da in der Nähe wohnt und ich den Laden sehr gut kenne, kann ich ihn nur besten Gewissens empfehlenViele GrüßeJörg

  6. An Luong on


    ohhh ich muss mal auch vorbei schauen ;)

  7. Anonymous on


    Great pics!

  8. multikulinaria on


    Great advice. Thank you! Even though there are tons of markets in Berlin not many feature locally grown products apart from beaten tracks. I can’t remember to have seen purple cauliflower before, even though I knew it existed as a variety. I defenitely will have to go to the Schiller market and check them out.

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