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Pro qm is probably the best (non-fiction) bookstore in Berlin. This has a simple reason (explained in more than one line): With a focus on urban development, politics, pop culture, Ökonomiekritik, architecture, arts and design, their selection of books and magazines is outstanding and always up-to-date.

When I came to Berlin many many (9) years ago, this book store was quickly one of my favorite places, although it was one of those spots you admire but you don’t feel “cool” or maybe even “smart” enough to spend much time in. I finally and luckily overcame feeling self-conscious, because Pro qm is a lot more welcoming than I initially thought. It is in fact very much like a social hub, where people come to talk about new book releases, translations and magazines, not only during their various events.

The days were we went to the bookstore to buy a certain book, we’ve been looking for are probably over, when the majority of us is quick to just order online – I can tell you, book vendors feel the pressure. While an easy solution to that is, though, to support your local shop by ordering it through their website/store, Pro qm also offers free shipping, by the way, there’s another, yet so simple reason being faithful to your local book place makes so much sense. The presentation of selected books, where you can find books, you’ve never even thought about wanting to read. Pro qm is where I found the work of Tiqqun, or the German series by Textem, “Kleiner Stimmungsatlas” with essays on (very German) “Angst” or “Bildzweifel” (doubt of the image). Imagine a life without bookstores…

Pro qm

Pro qm

Almstadtstraße 50

10119 Berlin Mitte


Opening Hours:

Mon–Sat 11:00–20:00


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  1. AWK on


    Und welcher der beste Buchladen für Prosa und Lyrik?

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      Gute Frage.. Ich mag St. Georges im Prenzlauer Berg, ansonsten renne ich da völlig uninspiriert zum großen D. Gibt es andere Vorschläge?

    2. AWK on

      Den großen D. muss man ja auch nicht zwingend unterstützen.

    3. Mary Scherpe on

      Sehr wahr

  2. Anonymous on


    Was ist mit Ocelot in der Brunnenstr?Eine Café-Empfehung btw: Hermann Eicke

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      Ocelot hat mich von der Auswahl nicht überzeugt, muss ich sagen. Und Hermann Eicke ist bekannt und beliebt hier!

    2. AWK on

      Ocelot ist ganz hübsch. Aber die Auswahl ich wirklich nicht so toll. Amerikanische Trivialliteratur und Spiegel-Bestseller geben dort einander die Hand.

  3. Anonymous on


    Ein schöner Laden! Weißt du von wem der farbige Stuck an der Decke im Pro qm ist?

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      Leider nicht, aber ich frage mal!

  4. Pro qm on


    Merci bien! Das “Rhombus-System” an unserer Decke kommt von ! (:Herzlich, – Pro qm

  5. wendy on


    Are there english books available ? I find it kinda difficult to find english books. :/

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