Stil in Berlin Store: The Designers, part 1

Many people asked me during the opening why I wanted to open a shop and the only answer, as contrived as this may sound to some of you, is that I wanted to give the Berlin designers a push in attention and sales. I really wish all of them to succeed in building a brand that lasts, that works aesthetically as well as commercially and to do so, they need to actually sell their pieces. Many of them I’ve already introduced on this blog, but in case you haven’t met them yet, look here:


Wibke Deertz’ label dresses the contemporary Berlin guy, and yet does not obey the rules of fashion seasons. She produces workwear-inspired, casual pieces designed for laidback, intelligent guys and open-minded girls. Produced on her many travels through Asia, her clothes are easy to wear and made to withstand the daily challenges this capital offers us.


Anntian are the silent heroes of the Berlin fashion scene; despite doing hardly any PR and not presenting their work during Berlin Fashion Week, their devoted fan base is growing strongly. The work makes this self-evident, though, as their conceptual designs and patterns are quintessentially Berlin: oversized cuts meet exaggerated, complex prints and clashing colors join forces with casual shapes. To understand their appeal, these clothes need to be worn – so don’t be afraid of prints and try them on!


Thanks to DSTM, Berlin’s young fashion suddenly got a lot sexier. Available in deep black or the purest white, their bodycon cuts, décolleté dresses, and military-inspired wool coats reveal a grown-up and intelligent physical confidence that is neither cheap nor cheesy. Pictured above is one part of the label, Jen Gilpin, with photographer Maxime Ballesteros in their former home.

Hien Le

After finishing school, Hien Le started his fashion career with an education as a tailor before starting his design studies at FHTW Berlin. Despite the fact that this was not at all what he had in mind when he finished his studies, he founded his own label in 2010 (and very lucky for us too!), creating well-constructed and thought-through clothing for men and women. Hien Le’s designs are unusual for Berlin, cut sober and straight while their colors pop with freshness.

Intellectual Leisure

Although Thomas Bentz and Oliver Lührs, the masterminds behind Intellectual Leisure and Achtland, are newbies on Berlin’s fashion scene, they have fast won my heart with their witty and juicy jacquard pattern (designed by Theodor Anastasato), which they combined with conservative V-necks and cardigans. Take your time to find your favorite detail in their series of scandalous scenes. Best worn for formal occasions.

Issever Bahri

The Greek and Turkish designer duo Derya Issever and Cimen Bahri take great pride in producing all their clothing in Berlin, only using the finest fabrics for their grown-up and feminine designs. Founded only two years ago, the label quickly gained a reputation for elaborate, yet wearable designs that bond contemporary concepts with traditional craftsmanship.


Berlin’s winters can be maddeningly harsh, but with the help of Maiami’s knitwear all that depressing grey turns a lot more colorful. Made of thick, warm, and soft pure wool, the handmade designs have that natural and cozy feel that will lighten your mood and warm your heart.


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  1. Sarah on


    Hi there,are there any lipsticks left from your collaboration with uslu airlines. coming to berlin this friday and wanted to visit the shop to buy that perfect berry shade. xxx

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      Of course!

  2. Anonymous on


    Hii :) i like your blog! i am going to Berlin next week (alone) :D do you have any tips, what can i do? :) and i also wondering if there is any good and not too pricy saloons for Wash and blow dry ? :)

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