Stil in Berlin Store: The Designers, part 2

Vladimir Karaleev talking to Oliver Lührs of Intellectual Leisure at the opening.

The last three days of the Stil in Berlin store have begun, only until this Saturday, Oct 27th, the collection of 13 fabulous Berlin based designers will be sold at Baerck, Mulackstraße 12 in Mitte. After introducing you to the first seven yesterday, here come the remaining six:

Michael Sontag

The wunderkind of Berlin’s young fashion design has received much well-earned praise since he started presenting his work in 2009. After receiving numerous design prizes and gaining the support of stars such as Iris Berben, Jessica Schwarz, and Bibiana Beglau, Michael’s future looks brightly successful.

Perret Schaad

It would be hard to imagine Berlin’s fashion scene without Johanna Perret and Tutia Schaad’s designs. Not only does this designer duo with a high-fashion background create elegant, simple clothing in glowing fabrics and demure colors, they also produce stylish shoes and smart bags that are timeless, yet radically up-to-date.

Raphael Hauber

Raphael Hauber uses exuberantly cheerful prints in bright colors on sober cuts. Now, this might look unusual and hard to wear at first, and they will certainly garner you a great deal of attention, yet who couldn’t use a little more fun in his (or hers) daily life? Try them on before making your final judgment.

Reality Studio

In the beginning of my Berlin fashion explorations several years ago, this was one of the first labels I discovered and instantly lost my heart to. Svenja Specht’s effortless and easy designs are both easy to wear and contemporary; a pure and continuing joy to have in your closet.

Thone Negrón

Ettina Berrios-Negrón’s designs are all together elegant and grown up, yet still a little playful and unexpected, especially in their color combinations. It might be a little hard at first to get the appeal of the blouses while they’re on hangers, but when worn these extravagantly feminine designs look marvelous, elevating the wearer and radiating a rare beauty.

Vladimir Karaleev

Vladimir Karaleev’s unique designs are already followed by many dedicated local and international fans – his concept is as simple as it is complex. Inspired by Japanese avant-garde and 90s grunge, he creates forward-thinking yet unwound looks addressing open-minded and confident women. Vladimir is already famous for his loose seams, flowing fabrics, and soft color combinations (despite being colorblind!), and I believe he’ll be one of the names to be remembered as having defined the look of our decade.


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