Stil in Berlin Store: My favorit pieces

The Stil in Berlin store at Mulackstr 12 is in full bloom and I thought it might be a nice idea to those of you who are not yet convinced to stop by and have a look, to show you my favorit pieces amongst the many we got at the store. This is only a selection of the selection, you can see more on Facebook and after this click.

An absolute favorit due to its cuteness, is this hand-knitted virgin wool sweater by Maiami for 263 Euros.

Vladimir Karaleev’s woolen shirt has a golden yellow color you have to see for yourself, its price is 175 Euro.

This white blouse by Michael Sontag has an amazing fit thanks to the pleats in the front (238 Euros).

I can’t wait to see who buys this bomber jacket by Raphael Hauber, its print is actually aerial views of agriculture. It’s made of silk and sells for 400 Euros.


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  1. Im Mary on


    amazing sweater!

  2. kaja on


    good idea!!!
    love it!

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