Stil in Berlin x uslu airlines = SIB

The time has come, to launch my very first own lipstick, don’t you think?! Product development with bloggers is something very known in the internet of today, so I might spare you all the explanations on why and how and everything. Just so much: uslu airlines has been the perfect partner, their office is just around the corner in Mitte and I highly and seriously covet their image, style and products. Asking wether they wanted to do a product with me was certainly daring, especially since I didn’t want to do a nail polish, but a lipstick. A deep and saturated lipstick is what I wanted to do, the perfect color for the moody winters of our city, and it’s called SIB. An abbreviation of Stil in Berlin and, in the tradition of uslu airlines, the airport-code of Sibiti, Congo.

The decision was made out of pure selfishness since I love a dark lipstick, but rarely dare to wear one or am lucky enough to find a good color. I wanted to create a deep red color, that can be worn by everyone – which is an assumed impossibility. And I don’t know if we did it, but to demonstrate its versatility, I convinced three of my friends to pose for me, and Ari of Primer&Lacquer to do their make-up. Which she’s done brilliantly, choosing a different method for each of them to make the color work with blonde, red and dark hair. I seriously hope you like this color, it will be “officially introduced” and sold from tonight on at the Stil in Berlin Store opening.

Or, even quicker and easier, get it online here: Stil in Berlin x uslu airlines: SIB – Sibiti (Republic of the Congo) .

I asked Ari to explain the different application methods, so here we go:

Pictured above is my smart friend Meret, with her super-pale skin and glowing red hair, I thought she’d have the most difficulties with the color, but not if worn as a “stain”, like Ari calls it:
With Meret’s harmonious pale skin a touch of color is perfect. A nourished lip is most important for this look, so I started massaging in some Eight Hour Cream with a q-tip. I used my fingers to put a hint of SIB color on her lips, focussing on the bow of the lips. The rest of the face is equally natural, only a little mascara on the upper lashes, a touch of blush and a highlighter just above the line of the lip bow, on the cheekbones and the bridge of the nose.

Maybe you’re going to ask yourself where my friend Pauline got her scar? I wouldn’t dare telling you, but it’s a very exciting story and it just happened this summer. Here’s what Ari chose to do with SIB and Pauline:
I wanted to use a lot more color on Pauline, but not go for an overdone or costumed look. I think what works best is a dark lip with a matt finish. First I used a lip liner, then I painted the whole lip with the SIB lipstick and a brush. To get this matt finish, I used one layer of a tissue, laid it on top of the lips and applied some transparent powder with a soft brush. I repeated this one more time et voila! It’s one of my favorit looks to only accentuate the lip and leave the rest almost bare, I used only a little of brown mascara and brown eye shadow, no blush but only a little of conturing with a matt bronzer.

My Spanish friend Nadine was born and raised in Germany and currently works in Copenhagen – this mixture was calling for the deepest SIB color in a glossy finish and Ari thought the same:
With Nadine we did the most flamboyant and glamorous look, glossy lips. The method is similar to Pauline’s, but I added some gloss to make the lips shine. I accentuated her dark eyebrows even more and used Nars Orgasm blush on her cheeks to finish this bold look.