Food in Berlin: 3 Minutes Sur Mer

You might all know about the tiny french restaurant, which started the whole foodie-hype of Torstraße, Bandol sur Mer. With merely twenty seats and very elaborate food it certainly still is one of the best but also exclusive restaurants on this loud and busy main street of Mitte. Lucky for us, the team behind it opened a bistro just next door on the corner to Bergstraße, with many more seats and a slightly easier menu. Which also allows the kitchen at Bandol to be a lot more experimental and exquisite.

3 Minutes sur Mer’s is bright and spacious, with laid-back yet very comfortable wooden chairs and tables, a bar looking like compiled of GDR paneling, beautifully framed prints on the walls and an open kitchen. The kitchen equals that and adopts Bandol’s focal point, the high quality of the used produce, may it be the salad, the meat or the broth.

Their dishes are essentially classic French bistro kitchen, and luckily for me, they now also managed to include an equally dainty vegetarian option on the menu, although the chefs take the most pride in their meat and fish (which are very good, as I’ve heard from friends with trustworthy taste). Pictured you see a plat du jour of the lunch menu, a fish stew with two different broths (one on the plate, one to add in the dark bowl) and safran potatoes and my vegetarien pearl barley risotto with seasonal vegetables (which were full of flavor).


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  1. Anonymous on


    dainty dies, dainty das

  2. Cece on


    Thank you for a nice picture♥It makes me hungry~

  3. Lizzy on


    Hi Mary,

    First of all i really like your blog, i have tried out many of your tips which were very good, so i’m grateful!
    I had dinner at 3 minutes sur mer tonight and it was really disappointing actually… The staff was really and messy, the portions were really small and too expensive for what you get. I believe there were more people who had the same problem tonight. Too bad because it seemed really nice. Just wanted to share my opinion, I thought it wasn’t worth the money.

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      Dear lizzy, sorry to hear that – I always had a good time there, so it’s really interesting to hear they have missed fulfilling their standards last night… Hopefully that was a single exception and won’t become a rule!

      Thanks for sharing :-)

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